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22 Reasons to Fire Jacques Martin

I’m sorry, I’ve seen and heard enough of this guy. When he was first hired, I was intrigued by his selection. I thought a veteran, seasoned coach would bring stability and responsibility to the Canadiens. Instead, nothing he said came to be. We’re still wondering what a puck possession system is. We’re still praying for miraculous goaltending in order to win. In case the Molsons need further reasons, here are 22 of them to Fire Jacques Martin (some may overlap, sue me):

1- For the number of times that he stood around and watched his team collapse without so much as calling a timeout – Jacques Martin should be fired.

2- For the number of inexcusable, effortless performances that his team put in over the year – Jacques Martin should be fired.

3- For the number of times that he unforgivably had the wrong personnel on the ice at key times – Jacques Martin should be fired.

4- For being a square peg in a round hole – Jacques Martin should be fired.

5- For benching and punishing young players after a couple of mistakes, instead of mentoring and improving them – Jacques Martin should be fired.

6- For allowing young players to regress so badly, to the point of demotion, or sent out of town – Jacques Martin should be fired.

7- For relying on career minor leaguers and journeymen, and even doing that poorly – Jacques Martin should be fired.

8- For failing to make in-game adjustments when it was obvious to even the most passive observer that adjustments were needed – Jacques Martin should be fired.

9- For failing to grasp the realities of the post-lockout NHL – Jacques Martin should be fired.

10- For playing to not lose instead of to win – Jacques Martin should be fired.

11- For stubbornly sticking to his system no matter what (which, by the way is just a crutch for the fact that he can’t get creative and change his ways) – Jacques Martin should be fired.

12- For depending on goaltending, special teams and loser overtime points to attain the “ultimate goal” of making the playoffs (he said it, not me) – Jacques Martin should be fired.

13- For willingly playing awful defensemen 20+ minutes a game in the playoffs, against the league’s #1 attack – Jacques Martin should be fired.

14- For allowing grudges to influence roster decisions, at the expense of the team’s success and development – Jacques Martin should be fired.

15- For being a passionless, monotonous, obsolete, robotic coach – Jacques Martin should be fired.

16- For failing to find ways to motivate his team when games meant the most – Jacques Martin should be fired.

17- For being frequently outcoached, despite being labeled as “one of the smartest, if not the smartest coach in the league” – Jacques Martin should be fired.

18- For having quality hockey teams and a chronic inability to find success in the playoffs – Jacques Martin should be fired.

19- For preaching a puck possession system that resulted in having 4 of the top defensemen in the league in turnovers – Jacques Martin should be fired.

20- For dressing 8 defensemen when the team was starving for offense – Jacques Martin should be fired.

21- Because there HAS to be someone better out there (Guy Boucher?) – Jacques Martin should be fired.

22- Before he completely scuttles the future of this team over the rest of the 3 years on his contract – Jacques Martin should be fired.

And while we’re at it, let’s continue to clean up the mess by kicking Gauthier and Boivin to the curb, too. I know that firing Martin means that Guy Boucher likely comes in behind the bench before he’s ready. But can he be any worse than Martin is?

Can you add to this list?

  • Wendy

    I agree with you Kyle! It’s a team effort and it’s nice too see a team of “smurfs” gelling at hte right time. No matter what happens against the Flyers be proud of what they have accomplished so far

  • http://twitter.com/kyleroussel Kyle

    Hi Wendy, thanks for reading!

    Jacques deserves some credit for where his team is. Let’s also note that Kirk Muller has taken on a larger role, and that the sacrifices from the defense and Halak’s brilliance are helping Martin’s case. If either of those elements were absent, the Habs would likely be on the outside by now.

  • Wendy

    It is now May 15/10.
    The habs are now in the conference finals…..hmmm.. Jacques is still coaching and they are still winning with heart.I wish I was as smart as all.
    To all the hab coaches and players..Thanks for an awesome season so far!

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  • Frank Rekas(TheRatTrick.com)

    Be careful, the last time he was fired as a coach, he became a general manager!
    Who does that? Yea, us here in Florida.

    Fortunately the Habs are smarter than that, but I feel your pain. We witnessed the same 22 items for four years.
    I’ll help you pack his boxes when the time comes.

  • http://www.cowhideandrubber.com Kyle

    Marjolaine – you are right. While I’m still not a fan of JM, he got it right before it was too late. But let’s also keep it in perspective: he made the changes that we all thought were brain-dead obvious. There’s only so much credit he can get for that!

    He has earned a small measure of redemption, but he is still not without his faults.

  • Marjolaine

    Please, please, write a new post so this one on JM isn’t in our faces. Out of respect for the coach, we came this far, we’ve advanced to round two. New post!!

  • http://www.cowhideandrubber.com Kyle

    While he has pressed the right buttons in games 5 and 6, you’ve got to wonder if he pressed them too late? Why wasn’t O’Byrne dressed sooner? Why did MAB stay on the top pair for so long? Why was Pouliot given so much ice time?

    The jury is still out, and the daggers will be sheathed or thrusted depending on how game 7 turns out.

  • http://www.thecheckingline.com Prax

    While I still would rather see him gone, I have to admit he’s really impressed me these last 2 games. But does 2 games make up for 85+ of incompetence?

  • Steve

    23- For having the worst taylor in the NHL (this is Montreal, not Kanata), Jacques Martin should be fired… come man, at least try to look the part!

  • http://www.cowhideandrubber.com Kyle

    Nice, though you’ve got to wonder if those outbursts are more about Martin not being able to control his team, or outbursts similar to that of a repressed teenager, lashing out against their home-schooling parents?

    I agree with you mostly, but the part I don’t get on board with is that people will stop paying. Boivin and Lalonde have done an amazing job at turning this team in to a money printing machine, this during their greatest years of mediocrity.

  • http://www.thecheckingline.com Prax

    #23 – He can’t control his team. Proof: Those stupid penalties Price, Gomez, and Plekanec, frustrated at losing.

  • Rammer

    Simply – Failing to pull Halak after the 3rd goal in game 2 and waiting till the 3rd goal in Game 3 put the responsibilty squarely on the man driving the bus, goalie’s fault player’s fault it does not matter – it changes the game when there is still opportunity – CDNs proved out west they can do it if the momentum changes prior to the last 30 minutes anything after this team cannot recover -either way Martin allowed 10 goals to go in and only scored 2 before he made a drastic change, slight adjustments would have kept the series in habs favour now Knee jerk reactions have put them behind but they can even it up tonight , if they stick to some kind of plan, The Fans are going to stop paying for this non-sense and Molson’s will suffer investment wise and that is when chages will happen – B4 then I am hoping MArtin straightens up or embarrasment may get him in the end at the expense of the team.

  • http://touteparpillee.blogspot.com/ Lyse

    Yup. You are my hero Kyle.

    My dreams of Guy Boucher have been very frequent lately, and I too am afraid to lose him if Martin stays.

    Nothing to add, everything has been said.

  • Smalrus

    @EP I don’t think shedudes can have mancrushes. That’s redundant. :P

  • EP


  • Smalrus

    I sort of have a mancrush on your hockey brain.

  • http://www.cowhideandrubber.com Kyle

    We can hope all we want that he gets canned, but money talks. The Molsons okayed this guy, and they extended Pierre Gauthier. Both of their contracts expire at the same time, which is not a coincidence. But I do hope the Molsons concede that spending 575 million dollars + a few extra for cleaning house is not much of a big deal. But I’m not hopeful. Will it cost us Boucher? I don’t know. Perhaps Martin clears out Muller or his buddy Pearn and promotes Boucher before he takes off for greener pastures.

    @Kamal Panesar
    Boivin is a sticky one. His job is to make the Habs profitable above all else, which he has done very well. I’d love to see him and his policies sent packing. The hamster wheel will be in full motion while this trio lingers.

    I don’t think you’re alone. The thought of losing Boucher for the sake of not firing (and having to pay) Martin sickens me. He has proven himself to be inept. Shockingly inept at adapting to his players’ strengths.

  • http://theactivestick.wordpress.com theactivestick

    Things that keep me up at night: the idea that we may we lose Boucher at the expense of Martin’s contract.
    I don’t care if it’s too early for Boucher… Martin is so totally, totally wrong for this team it’s not even funny.
    And nothing makes that more apparent than the way he’s coaching the Habs against what is essentially a stronger, faster, superstar version of themselves.

  • http://www.HabsAddict.com Kamal Panesar

    You’re bang on, Kyle. And I think your most important point was made in your last sentence: CLEAN HOUSE.

    Start with Boivin, move on to Gauthier and finish with Martin. Goeff Molson has got to get rid of all three and just start over.

    This sad sack bunch will never produce a winner, or anything ressembling it, in this city.

    Time to hit the reset button, imo.


  • http://www.thecheckingline.com Prax

    I think the fact that the guy who hired him was essentially fired (stepped down, whatever) speaks for itself. Win or lose this series this guy needs to, and I don’t care about how much money we’re paying him.

    Plus if we keep him, we’re going to lose Guy Boucher. Just watch.

    I think 22 reasons are more than enough to fire this clown. Totally agree with you Kyle.

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