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Buffaslugged, Part Deux

Regular season game #31

We’ve already seen this movie once this week, so I’ll keep it brief. Yes, the Habs were the better team. Yes, they dominated the majority of the play. Yes, Ryan Miller stole two points. ¬†Yes the Habs are 20-6-5.

Big deal.

Losing twice at home to the Sabres in the same week is simply not cool. Spare me the apologist rationalization that the Habs have been on an insane run since losing 6-0 to Toronto. Teams with their eye on first place in the division, and in the conference find ways to beat cellar dwellers at least once in two tries, at home.

On a night when they could have put some breathing room between themselves and the Bruins, they failed to do so. This loss is more of a speed bump than a sink hole, and doesn’t change much. It’s simply a lost opportunity.

Or we could blame the loss on yet another pre-game ceremony.

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