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Optimist or Realist?

With a fanbase as large as that of the Montreal Canadiens, you usually receive the full gamut of opinions on just about every question. Last season’s playoff run is no exception. Some fans believed the run to the Eastern Conference Finals was a harbinger of things to come, while others saw it as an aberration.

Your point of view probably indicates what type of outlook you have in other aspects of your life, so today I’m asking you how you viewed last season’s playoff run.

Since the Habs reached the 3rd out of 4 possible rounds, do you choose to look at it as the Habs making it 3/4 of the way to glory?

Or do you choose to break it down a little further and see it as the Canadiens merely winning 9 out of a required 16 games – 1 more game than the halfway mark of 8 wins, and a far cry from 3/4 of the way to glory?

The first option could be viewed as optimistic or delusional, while the second option can be looked at as being realistic or pessimistic.

Is there a middle ground?

Where do you stand?

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