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Star Wars Lives On!

I know this is a sports site, but a lot of people know me as a gigantic Star Wars nerd, and they probably want to know my thoughts about Disney taking over the Star Wars world.

It was more or less inevitable. George Lucas always maintained that he was done with Star Wars, that there would be no more movies. He has always left himself wiggle room in his comments in case he ever wanted to change his mind. Heck, he first made Luke and Leia make out before converting them in to siblings, so he doesn’t have any compunction about backtracking on vague statements.

Lucas has cashed out, to the tune of 4 billion dollars and left the reigns of the Star Wars franchise to Kathleen Kennedy. This news caught literally everyone by surprise, and the kicker was when Disney announced that Episode 7 is already on the schedule.

I don’t know how I feel about this. If there’s one thing that I love more than hockey, it’s Star Wars. As Lucas muddied the waters with his treatment of the prequels (though in fairness, Revenge of the Sith is really good, despite a few cringe-inducing moments), I was thankful that Lucas had said he was finished. He maintained that the six movies were the story of the Skywalker family (Anakin, specifically) and that was that. After pumping 3 movies of varying quality, I am glad that Lucas has passed the torch. He spent way, way too much time focused on the visuals and effects, and not enough on many other weaknesses that the prequels are now infamous for. Lucas has always been hung up on pushing the technical boundaries of film making, so this shouldn’t come as a shock, but now that it’s clear that virtually anything can be done, it’s time to focus on the meat & potatoes of the story. Lucas is not the man to do that, and thankfully he has decided to step away.

I really don’t know how I feel about Disney taking over, as they have proven to produce some awfully crappy movies. Disney now owns Marvel, and they’re currently making some great movies. Disney does have all the resources necessary to make GREAT movies, and now that the book has been reopened, we can assume that Hollywood’s talent will be lining up to fix what the Flanneled One broke in the prequels. Can Disney put aside its own image long enough to let new creative teams redeem the Star Wars name? They’ve done it with Marvel (so far), so the optimist in me hopes for the same fate here. There are a lot of creative people in the movie business that are mortified at the result of the prequels, and would jump at the chance to put the franchise back on the rails.

Regardless of who takes over, or what the story is about, we know for sure that nearly everyone will shell out the money to see the movie at least once, and that regardless of the  reviews, they will be box office hits.

2015 was supposed to be the year that FOX / WB released their answer to the Avengers, The Justice League. I don’t know what, if anything this news will do to that plan, but there’s a new 800 pound gorilla on the 2015 slate.

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